Is legit? is the website of the Amazon Mechanical Turk program. MTurk is a crowdsourcing website that businesses use to hire remotely located crowdworkers for online tasks. MTurk will pay you to do tasks assigned via its website. is legit and has been in business for over 15 years launching in 2005. The website has a long and great record of paying and offering work to online workers.

It is currently difficult but not impossible to sign up to become a crowd worker on this microworker tasks service. Many users claim they have been denied at first only to be approved later. Many recommend one you sign up even if you get denied just wait for several months for another chance but don’t reapply with different credentials, just use your original login. Currently MTurk is only offered in 45 countries for online gig workers.

The tasks are varied, Amazon calls them Human Intelligence Tasks and they can be as simple as interface testing to complex and original writing. The pay for these tasks are often only pennies since many tasks are simple and repetitive. A recent survey revealed most workers are paid about $2 an hour and fewer than 4% earn over $7 an hour.

In my opinion it definitely is a viable online way to make money for doing something simple it’s worth a try if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer anyways.

I have applied and as suspected I was denied but as per suggestion from many online I will wait in line like everyone else because this service is run by a huge company it is a pretty safe bet you earn some extras dollars.

Check out more information and apply to be an online crowd sourced micro-task worker at MTurk

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