Is legit? is one of the oldest Bitcoin faucets online. A Bitcoin faucet is a website that slowly drips Bitcoin into a users account when they complete an action like spinning a rewards wheel or clicking a button. gives you a chance to win Satoshi(which is a small amount of Bitcoin) every hour by simply clicking a button that rolls a random number from 1-10000. The Bitcoin reward chart is above the roll, most times you will of course get the smallest reward but sometimes you will get a large amount of Satoshi.

You can also bet some of your Satoshi to try to get a larger reward, or enter a lottery to win prizes. They also allow you to deposit Bitcoin to use to play those games and bet some more.

Sounds easy huh? It is… you will literally go to the website, click a button and boom it will be credited to your cryptocurrency wallet. Whats the catch? I would say the only bad things are if you want to withdraw the Bitcoin to your own wallet somewhere else the transaction fee is not worth it.

All in all it definitely is one of the best Bitcoin faucets on the internet and they do pay out. millions of users and you can see the statistics of how much they have paid out on their website.

So why not sign up at and every hour click a button? Over time and as Bitcoin becomes more valuable your tiny stash will grow. Good luck!

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