Is Bitcoin Pop legit?

Bitcoin Pop is a bubble popping puzzle mobile game that rewards you in Bling points that you can redeem for Bitcoin. You control a rainbow unicorn and have a number of tries to clear the popping objectives of the level. If you fail to achieve the popping objectives in the number of times the unicorn does a cute rainbow puke, you still get points for losing. However if you win the level you obviously will get a ton more points.

The game plays like all classic bubble popping puzzle games however one thing I found annoying was you have to hold your finger on the unicorn itself to throw your bubble which hides the color of the bubble underneath your finger. After each level an advertisement will be shown, which although timely it is necessary to get your points for free Bitcoin.

This game is made by the same company that makes Bitcoin Blast and other Android app games that reward cryptocurrency. Luckily you only need one account to play the games as the points are shared through all games. That is great if you get bored with one of the mobile games but still want to earn points to get your free Bitcoin.

Yes this mobile game does pay out Bitcoin to a Coinbase wallet. If you don’t have a Coinbase account signing up is easy and free, you also will be rewarded some free cryptocurrency on the service.

Bitcoin Pop is legit and does pay free Bitcoin. So hurry up and get the Bitcoin Pop mobile game app and start earning points to get your free Bitcoin.

Download Bitcoin Pop here.

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