Why is a Four Leaf Clover Lucky?

A good luck charm or lucky charm is an object believed to bring its holder good luck. Probably one of the most famous Good luck charms in the world is the four leaf clover.

Why are Four Leaf Clovers so lucky?

In 1640 in Ireland it was said that “fower-leafed” clovers were a home remedy for the skin condition purpura, and later in 1869 it was written that the rarity of the four leaf clover, approximately 1 in 5000, meant whoever found one was blessed with good fortune.

Celtic Druids considered four leaf clovers a sign of luck, and sorceresses were said to gather the four leaf clovers during the nighttime to mix them with vervain and other ingredients.

Many superstitions surround the woods of the British Isles where fairy-folk and other strange beings would dwell during the medieval period. It was said that if your child was taken by a pixie and left a changeling in the child’s place that a four leaf clover was the only way to get that child back by laying the four leaf clover on the imposter.

Many early poems mention the four leaf clover as signifying four attributes: wealth, health, fame and love.

Why are Four Leaf Clovers rare?

Four leaf clovers are a genetic mutation as most clovers have 3 leaves. Scientists and farmers don’t know exactly what causes the mutation but many have experimented and some have succeeded in growing clovers with many more leaves. The Guinness record holder bred a clover with 56 leaves.

Because of the natural properties and the rarity of this amazing plant has made this a time honored good luck charm treasure.

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