Is legit? is one of the oldest Bitcoin faucets online. A Bitcoin faucet is a website that slowly drips Bitcoin into a users account when they complete an action like spinning a rewards wheel or clicking a button. gives you a chance to win Satoshi(which is a small amount of Bitcoin) every hour by simply clicking a button that rolls a random number from 1-10000. The Bitcoin reward chart is above the roll, most times you will of course get the smallest reward but sometimes you will get a large amount of Satoshi.

You can also bet some of your Satoshi to try to get a larger reward, or enter a lottery to win prizes. They also allow you to deposit Bitcoin to use to play those games and bet some more.

Sounds easy huh? It is… you will literally go to the website, click a button and boom it will be credited to your cryptocurrency wallet. Whats the catch? I would say the only bad things are if you want to withdraw the Bitcoin to your own wallet somewhere else the transaction fee is not worth it.

All in all it definitely is one of the best Bitcoin faucets on the internet and they do pay out. millions of users and you can see the statistics of how much they have paid out on their website.

So why not sign up at and every hour click a button? Over time and as Bitcoin becomes more valuable your tiny stash will grow. Good luck!

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created as a free, instant and fun way to make payment transactions between two people without having traditional bank fees. Dogecoin was named after the “Doge meme” popular online featuring a Shiba Dog. Doge is literally slang for Dog. Dogecoin is considered an altcoin cryptocurrency and definitely has a cult-like following. Although not as technical as other crypto coins Dogecoin is definitely fun to have, spend and meme about on Twitter.

Dogecoin has generated a broad range of celebrity fans from tech-guru Elon Musk to rapper Snoop Dogg. The coin is beloved for its simplicity, meme potential and general low price. As of this writing Dogecoin was holding around .07 cents per coin.

Buying Dogecoin can be done a couple different ways, you can buy them from an independent cryptocurrency exchange like Kraken or through an online brokerage like Robinhood.

If you are new to cryptocurrency I suggest you use Robinhood for its simplicity and quick exchange. Robinhood holds the wallet for the user so you can only sell and buy Dogecoin through that service. I prefer to have my own wallet app on a mobile phone like Coinomi then buy Dogecoin on an exchange service like Kraken for more control over my Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is definitely “the peoples cryptocurrency” and I would highly recommend just having some to hold on to. Plus who does’nt love a cryptocurrency in honor of a Doge?

Is Bitcoin Pop legit?

Bitcoin Pop is a bubble popping puzzle mobile game that rewards you in Bling points that you can redeem for Bitcoin. You control a rainbow unicorn and have a number of tries to clear the popping objectives of the level. If you fail to achieve the popping objectives in the number of times the unicorn does a cute rainbow puke, you still get points for losing. However if you win the level you obviously will get a ton more points.

The game plays like all classic bubble popping puzzle games however one thing I found annoying was you have to hold your finger on the unicorn itself to throw your bubble which hides the color of the bubble underneath your finger. After each level an advertisement will be shown, which although timely it is necessary to get your points for free Bitcoin.

This game is made by the same company that makes Bitcoin Blast and other Android app games that reward cryptocurrency. Luckily you only need one account to play the games as the points are shared through all games. That is great if you get bored with one of the mobile games but still want to earn points to get your free Bitcoin.

Yes this mobile game does pay out Bitcoin to a Coinbase wallet. If you don’t have a Coinbase account signing up is easy and free, you also will be rewarded some free cryptocurrency on the service.

Bitcoin Pop is legit and does pay free Bitcoin. So hurry up and get the Bitcoin Pop mobile game app and start earning points to get your free Bitcoin.

Download Bitcoin Pop here.

Is legit?

Rollercoin is like a virtual cryptocurrency mining simulator with a twist… you can actually earn different cryptocurrency when you play the mini-games there.

Everytime you play a mini-game you earn power for your virtual mining rig. Once every few minutes you are awarded a small share of a hash in the form of Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin or the games own currency Rollercoin.

You can buy “rigs” and “miners” with your earned crypto coins or you can just accumulate them and withdraw them to a cryptocurrency wallet.

The games are QUICK, EASY and FUN. I was so surprised with this website and it was simple and quick to earn power. Like most make money websites earning is slow but Rollercoin was such a joy to play that it made the slow progress fun.

Yes does pay you when you request a payout. I was able to earn about $2 in a couple weeks… yes not much but I only played 50ish mini-hames each day and those games last about 30 seconds.

I definitely think this is one website everyone who is interested in free cryptocurrency should try. is highly recommended, just click here to sign up and start playing games for free Bitcoin or even Dogecoin.

Bitcoin, Altcoins and Cryptocurrency Introduction

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is basically digital money. Yes it’s much more complicated behind the scenes of course… cryptocurrency is securely encrypted (safe) and just as importantly it is decentralized, which means no one controls the money except the owner of the virtual wallet.

What is Bitcoin?

The grand daddy and first cryptocurrency. Despite the “coin” in the name Bitcoin is a digital encrypted currency that is stored virtually in wallets. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by an anonymous programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto in response to the 2009 worldwide financial crisis.

How do I get Bitcoin for free?

By far the easiest and quickest way to get free bitcoin is to download and sign up on the Coinbase mobile application. No hassle, no gimmicks just quick and easy FREE CRYPTOCURRENCY by signing up at COINBASE CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE.

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

Since Bitcoin is not a physical currency, your Bitcoins are stored in a software wallet or an offline cold storage. Basically Bitcoin has two keys: A public key (also known as a Bitcoin address) and a set of private key words known only to the owner of the wallet. A cold storage wallet can be as simple as a piece of paper (not recommended) with your private keys and Bitcoin address written on it. A better solution is usually an app wallet on your phone or computer. There are two Android app wallets I recommend for keeping your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency in:

1. Unstoppable
2. Mycelium

Both of these are Android applications are FREE!

What is a Bitcoin faucet?

Is using a Bitcoin faucet website free?

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that gives their users small amounts of FREE BITCOIN when they sign up and use the website in various ways like clicking ads or playing a Bitcoin lottery game. Yes joining and using Bitcoin faucet websites is FREE.

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?

If you ever see an unexpected increase in your cryptocurrency wallet you have probably gotten an airdrop. Cryptocurrency airdros can happen in a lot of ways but usually it happens when new cryptocurrency is introduced, a cryptocurrency split or a cryptocurrency exchange giveaway. Regardless airdrops are FREE CRYPTOCURRENCY.

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